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Launch an ICO in Belarus

Launch an ICO in Belarus

Foreign enterprisers who want to invest in Belarus have several industries to choose from. Apart from the traditional ones, such as manufacturing and services, which are performing very well, Belarus also welcomes those who want to invest in emerging industries, among which financial technology, also known as fintech is one of the most sought at the moment. This is because the government has legalized cryptocurrency transactions and initial coin offerings, known all over the world as ICOs.

Below, our company formation agents in Belarus explain how to create and launch an initial coin offering in this country.

The ICO environment in Belarus

Initial coin offerings are based on the principle of initial public offerings, which in Belarus is applicable to public companies seeking to list shares on the Stock Exchange. In the case of ICOs, this will be possible for private companies which instead of shares will offer cryptocurrencies to investors interested in acquiring such instruments.

One of the greatest advantages of ICOs in Belarus is that they are tax-free, just like the transactions of cryptocurrency companies.

Our company registration consultants in Belarus can help investors open cryptocurrency business in order to launch ICOs through them.

Requirements to launch an ICO in Belarus

The first requirements to set up an ICO in Belarus is to register a company with the local Trade Register. Most of the times, investors will set up fintech companies to launch their initial coin offerings. Then, the company will create its own digital currency which will be promoted on trade platforms.

It should be noted that ICOs resemble the issuance of financial instruments usually sold through investment funds. However, Belarus does not have an investment fund legislation yet, therefore the marketing of ICOs here is much simpler. An important aspect which must be taken into account is that the government is currently working on a legal framework which will regulate investment funds, and which will also have a positive impact on initial coin offerings launched by Belarus companies as it will broaden the range of investment instruments for professional investors.

If you are interested in launching an ICO and need more information, please contact our Belarus company registration specialists.