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Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Belarus

Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Belarus

Belarus is currently one of the most sought foreign investment destinations in Europe thanks to the government’s measures of easing the company incorporation procedures, but also for creating a modern environment oriented towards new industries. One of these new industries is cryptocurrency.

Foreign investors who want to start cryptocurrency companies in Belarus will benefit from many advantages, considering this country is one of the first in the world to legalize digital coins and initial coin offerings.

Below, our company formation agents in Belarus explain how you can start your own cryptocurrency business in this country.

Company registration process of a Belarus cryptocurrency business

Starting a cryptocurrency company in Belarus is not different in any way from setting up businesses in other industries and requires choosing a structure and registering it with the Trade Register. The additional, but not mandatory requirements are the creation of a new digital token and the creation of a website through which the cryptocurrency will be sold.

As mentioned above, Belarus acknowledges the creation and sale of new but also renowned digital money, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The following transactions related to cryptocurrencies are legal in Belarus:

  • – purchases;
  • – sales;
  • – exchanges;
  • – donations;
  • – mining.

These are also the types of cryptocurrency companies which can be established in Belarus. Foreign enterprisers can rely on our local consultants for assistance in registering the company in Belarus.

Why open a cryptocurrency company in Belarus?

Starting a cryptocurrency business in Belarus also has other advantages besides being legal. One of the them is the fact that cryptocurrencies are relatively new in this country and thus the chances of success are higher. One of the main reasons for Belarus to legalize cryptocurrencies is for attracting foreign investments, therefore there are no restrictions in this industry.

Also, at the end of last year, Belarus issued a 5-year economic development plan which provides for tax-free operations related to cryptocurrencies.

For full information on the advantages of setting up such venture, please contact our company registration advisors in Belarus. We can also help you register your cryptocurrency business in Bealrus.