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Virtual Office in Belarus

Virtual Office in Belarus

Thanks to its strategic location, Belarus has become one of the most appealing European countries to open a company in. The incentives offered to foreign investors, the cheap but skilled workforce and the taxation system which implies a personal income tax rate of 13% and a corporate tax rate of 18% make Belarus very appealing from this point of view.

Foreign investors interested in opening a company in Belarus can use virtual office as a legal address for their businesses, which is a mandatory requirement for having a resident company in this country.

We offer virtual office and company registration services in Belarus in order to cover all the needs of our clients.

What is a Belarus virtual office?

The virtual office is an office space which can be rented in any of the prolific cities of Belarus, including the capital Minsk with the purpose of maintaining contact with the authorities, business partners and customers. The main difference between renting a virtual office and a traditional one is that the virtual office does not require any maintenance from the business owner or any employees.

Customized virtual office services in Belarus

All the services available in a Belarus virtual office can be previously discussed and agreed upon with our company formation consultants. However, virtual offices in Belarus come equipped with the following:

  • – local phone number;
  • – business address;
  • – voice messaging with forwarding possibilities;
  • – call redirection services;
  • – bank account statements collection and forwarding services.

Conference rooms are also available when choosing our virtual office services in Belarus.

Why choose a virtual office instead of a traditional office in Belarus?

The advantages mentioned above are not the only differences between the virtual and traditional office in Belarus. Foreign investors must know that the virtual office comes with modern equipment without additional costs. Also, having a Belarus virtual office in a central business center is cheaper and easier to find than renting an average office space in less known area of any city.

If you are interested in purchasing virtual office services in Belarus do not hesitate to contact our local agents for a personalized offer. We can also help you open a company in Belarus.